OOC; In which Kaitlyn is pissed off.

Well…. Something’s happened on here that hasn’t happened since I started this blog… You’ve managed to piss me off out of character. Just because you have the ability to go anon does not mean under any circumstances, that you should go write degrading and hurtful things directed at the writers. People RP because it’s supposed to be something they can do to get some release from the real world without judgment from rude and beligerent assholes. Now, I’ve talked to Terra a grand total of two times OOC but that doesn’t make a bit of difference. Despite writing for Jim, Terra is a wonderful individual and someone I’m proud to say I “RP” with. So how about you back off, grow up and learn to be mature on the Internet. In the meantime, I’ll be over in the corner sharpening my knives for the next idiot that ventures into the askbox of somebody I RP with. I may not know these people IRL, but I love every single one of them all the same.